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Wind solar grid tied inverter 2kw export to Finland start voltage 100Vdc

Wind solar grid tied inverter 2kw export to Finland start voltage 100Vdc- Haitian 


Senwei brand wind-solar grid-connected inverter can be used separately in small wind turbine grid-connected system 500W to 5kw, medium-sized wind turbine grid-connected system 7KW to 100kw, or photovoltaic system 10W-500KW grid-connected separately, and can also be used in wind-solar complementary grid-connected system, two strings DC input. One is connected with DC input rectified by wind turbines controller, the other is directly connected with DC input of photovoltaic. One is equipped with single-phase and three-phase. The starting voltage of wind turbines is usually as low as 100 Vdc. It has been certified and applied to Europe-Asia-Australia-Africa-Middle East-South America and other countries, such as Canada/N.A areas have not yet done the corresponding ETL listing certification, will gradually improve the certification and technical standards in this area future.


Those are pictures of 2 kilowatts grid tied inverter exported to Finland current[European countries].







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Post time: Oct-01-2018

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