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Wind Grid tied inverter WG-CTW-1.5KVA-BI MPPT 4units export to France

Wind Grid tied inverter WG-CTW-1.5KVA-BI  MPPT 4units export to France

Haitian group-Senwei Energy wind turbine Grid-connected Inverter with high quality has officially become the only Chinese supplier of European small-scale wind turbine plant-France Une ole. After four 1.5 kW grid-connected inverter tests, it has been successfully accepted and signed a long-term cooperation agreement with our company, and finally confirmed a large number of orders from our company for $40,000 contract, more than 50 sets of inverter system is ready now . Haitian Group-Senwei Energy works hand in hand with you to create a future of renewable energy, let the sea level slowly decline, let the extreme climate caused by greenhouse effect gradually improve, in order to let coastal countries or islands no longer face the tide engulfing their homes, in order to return to our homes a blue sky and sea.

issued by sales&market promotion department of Haitian Group-Senwei Energy


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Post time: Sep-06-2018

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